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A Match Made in High School

A Match Made in High School - Kristin Walker First off, I want to mention how disastrous the cover is. They basically took photos of people off of Stockphoto, slammed them all together and called it a cover. I did not like this cover at all. Better covers can be made with stickman, that's for sure.

The premise of the novel sounded interesting and typical, which is what I was looking for. Unfortunately, the writing was weak, and awkward. Although, the dialogue in this novel was very well done. It sounded exactly how teenagers would speak to each other. The dialogue flowed nicely and sounded natural.

From the summary, I assumed it would be a slight love triangle, but to my surprise it was not. Yes! A novel that didn't have a love triangle. I'm so thrilled that it wasn't some messy complicated love triangle. In fact, I enjoyed where the romance ended off with; however, I did not like how the romance was developed. It felt a lot like instant love to me.

If you're looking for a main character who is moody, self-centered and inconsiderate to her best friends, then you'll love Fiona. I, however, did not like her. She was annoying and reminded me too much of a girl I used to I know. Fiona was one of those teens where all she would ever talk about is her crush, and only about her crush. She completely disregarded how her friends were feeling and focused on her own emotions.

Not only that, she feels obligated to be a complete asshole to her "sworn" enemy. Dude, it works both ways, if she's going to be a dick, obviously that other girl is going to be a dick as well.

A Match Made in High School is filled with typical teen characters who are more interesting than the main character herself. It was a quick and easy read. If anyone is looking for an okay chick lit novel, perhaps try giving A Match Made in High School a try.