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The Boyfriend App

The Boyfriend App - Katie Sise Before I make my way through my review, I want to say that on an actual rating system and not the stupid goodreads rating system, this book would actually be a 3.5 out of 5 stars. It is decently written and the plot is alright.

That being said, I have to rate it on the goodreads system because I'm rating it on Goodreads. Therefore, I have to base my rating on what I thought about it, which was that the book was ok. I didn't like, I didn't hate it, and apparently on Goodreads that means The Boyfriend App is 2.

The writing was choppy, and it lost me at some scenes. It was very clear to me that the author really enjoyed using dashes-- like really enjoyed it. To the point where I would almost find a dash every 3 pages. Now, dashes can be used in place of a comma, but having too many dashes will distract the reader and have them losing their flow. This is what happened to me.

I'm sure the author didn't mean to lose the reader with their overuse of dashes, I mean they are a esteemed blogger or some sort for magazines. They must have forgotten that writing articles about fashion is not the same as reading a novel.

Oh yes, I'm supposed to be talking about the novel. The Boyfriend App was indeed an interesting concept. I loved the idea of it and wanted to know more about how the character would go about creating it and managing it. Unfortunately, with that logic, the author thought that info dumping a bunch of computer science terms and then calling it "hacking" was a good approach for the novel. Creating an application is by no means considered hacking. Please, don't come out of reading this novel thinking that it is. ><<br/>

I feel like the author did a lot of research for this novel and wanted to display her knowledge on the subject by shoving it down the reader's throats. Even Ernest Cline did a better job at info dumping than Katie Sise.

In all fairness, the author did a good job at researching the progress of development. I just wish she did a better job at writing about developing apps better. I don't think the reader needed a total info dump on how Audrey developed it, but that's just my opinion.

The good part about The Boyfriend App was the romance. It was cute and intense. It kept me on edge for pages. Audrey's feelings were easy to relate to, so I needed to see what would happen to her love life.

As much as I ranted about the author's execution of the novel, The Boyfriend App is still a page turner. Would I recommend it?

Not exactly.

Is it a complete waste of time to read it?

No. I actually enjoy reading the novel very much. The plot was not as simple as it would seem, so that also kept me reading.

Furthermore, I found the author's parodies on iPhone and Beats to be very amusing. Especially how the teens reacted to the tech. She did a great job at capturing how teens act with technology in present day society.