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Cloaked in Red

Cloaked in Red - Vivian Vande Velde The author’s name is so cool. Too bad the book she wrote wasn’t great.

Basically the book is a collection of short stories of Little Red Riding Hood. Most of them are filled with satire. The concept of it was truly interesting unfortunately her writing is drab. Nothing of it was interesting. Her ideas and writing failed to take hold of me. Even though I could have ignored her writing style and focused more on her ideas, I just couldn’t. After reading the first short story, I realized that nothing appealed to me. I did not find the satire to be all that amusing either. The twists were just lame and weak.

Her author note was the interesting part of the whole entire book. Surprisely, the cover of the book caught my eye which led me to read it. It’s a shame humans are such visual creatures. I have been tricked. Moving on, these are just my opinions and doesn’t mean that it’s rightfully true for anyone else.

I really disliked it. I wish I never bothered with such a book. A complete waste of my time. It’s unfortunate because I really do like Red Riding Hood and any story that concerns that fairy tale. Sadly, this book has disappointed me.