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Death Sworn

Death Sworn - Leah Cypess Looking through my book journal I found out I read this book. I have no recollection of ever reading this book, however I have intense notes and feedback about this book. That should definitely be telling you something.

I'm also very amazed that I read it within two days.

Anyways, the writing in death sworn is bland. What is with authors and their bland writing nowadays? Actually, great writing is hard to find, good writing is everywhere. So I guess I just didn't like the author's writing style.

Ileni is boring. She isn't interesting at all. There is no dynamic to her. They drag on the mystery of her tutor's death for far too long. To top it off, the author made it suddenly apparent who the killer was. No foreshadowing, barely any hints at the identity of that person.

Don't get me started on the romance. It was not greatly developed. The author could have done a better job with it.

There's just too many flaws with this novel. There's barely any character development and the author falls in the trap of just telling us, rather than showing us.