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Red Rising

Red Rising - Pierce Brown Red Rising was a surprisingly good book. Why was it surprising? Well, because the summary did not catch my attention. In fact, I was kind of bored from reading the summary. Not sure why, I just was. I wasn't even going to read it. It wasn't until a friend recommended me to read this, that I did.

Those friend recommendations too strong.

And I'm glad I did. The book fulfills my dystopian cravings. It also reminds me a bit about Ender's Game. Just because Darrow has a similar thinking process as Ender. The characters in Red Rising are interesting and strong. I enjoyed reading the novel because of them. The overall plot was decent.

I would say that the middle felt more drawn out than it needed to be. The excitement was gone during the middle, which is never a good sign. Pierce Brown did a good job ending the novel off though. Gave it enough excitement for the next novel.