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The Assassin and the Princess

The Assassin and the Princess - Sarah J. Maas The plot was pretty good. The main character had some unique dynamics to her. She had a feminine side despite she being a cold blooded killer. The book could have done without the romance and the love triangle.

The writing could use a lot of work. She definitely needed an editor. If she did have one, she needs a better editor. I found a lot of typos and awkward sentences in the novel.

Not to mention, there was purple prose everywhere. The only thing that drove me to finish the book was the plot.

Mass does a great job building and describing the world. The jumps in narrator point of view was nice. I'm not a huge fan when novels do that, but Mass did a decent job of switching between characters.

I will probably continue the series once I have nothing else to read. It'll be very unlikely that I'll buy the books though. I'll borrow them from the library. Unless her writing gets better by tenfold in the later books, I have no need to waste my money on them.