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Ready Player One

Ready Player One - Ernest Cline Ready Player One has an amazing start up. Even the summary gives a hint of exciting plot and adventure! I absolutely love how it’s written! I guarantee that after 1-2 chapters you’ll be hooked. And if I’m wrong, well then I would love to know why, so leave a comment down below if that’s the case. As you can see, it’s a great novel for gamers but Ernest Cline also makes it very enjoyable to those without a vast knowledge of games. Especially since a lot of the references in the novel were references from 1980 pop culture.

This is one of those novels where it’s kinda hard to say anything without the fear of spoiling it. I’ll try my best to dance around spoilers while talking about the other amazing aspects of this novel.

It’s definitely hard to put down. If I’m not reading the book, I’m thinking about the book. It’s one of those novels that even when you’re finished with it, you still think about it. As I read on further in to the story, I felt like I was exploring OASIS with Wade. Every time he stumbled in to a breakthrough I smiled and got all giddy. The excitement was certainly contagious. I even tried to figure out my own solution to the puzzles before reading onwards, just to see if I was right or not.

The premise of the novel kept reminding me of Sword Art Online and .hack//. For those of you who love those anime and want to experience something similar, I highly recommend giving Ready Player One a try.

Ready Player One is one of those hidden gems. And I’m certainly glad I found it. Not only is the plot nerve-wracking and intense, but the characters are just as amazing. The characters amplifies the story, they add more to it then anything else. If the characters were subpar, the story would lose a bit of its awesomeness.