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Cinder - Marissa Meyer An intriguing twist to the old classic tale ‘Cinderella’. Ignoring the writing style of Meyer, I would have to say the book was delightful. Unfortunately ignoring the writing style is a bit too hard for me. Most of the time, the writing was dull. The only thing that kept me reading on was the plot.

It was brutal to force myself to continue reading through. Going through first third of the book was numbing. I was glad that it had gotten better after that. No more forcing myself to get through the book.

I did like some of the characters. At some scenes I found myself amused by how the characters were interacting. The character interaction was decent. To my surprise, there is a scene in which I enjoyed reading.

On another note, I have a serious issue with how she named some of her characters. Just ugh. Some of them clearly were out-of-place and sounded silly. Which as a reader, those little things add up. And I’m putting this nicely. If it wasn’t for the plot I would have thrown the book away that’s how irritated I was with the names.

I wish to say my thoughts about the conclusion but I wouldn’t wanna upset anyone’s opinion of the book prematurely if they happen to read this.

Even though the story had a nice spin to Cinderella, I really can’t ignore Meyer’s writing style. Her diction in some scenes really threw me off. I felt like her names were just weak. And the book is clearly part of a series, the way Meyer ended Cinder definitely could have been better.

Overall, Cinder is a brilliant concept. And it’s interesting but painful read. Putting aside all other issues, I enjoyed it.

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