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Reboot - Amy Tintera What a great read. I enjoyed reading it. Reboot takes the whole zombie premise and gives it a fresh new look. The dead coming back to life? Sounds similar to what zombies do, doesn’t it?

It had a great start and I definitely wanted more as I read. Reboot takes place in future Texas, which is well described in the novel. I could see the events happen in my mind very clearly. Kinda like a movie. Many of the scenes were smooth and natural. It’s very hard to find an awkwardly written scene in Reboot.

Wren is a unique character, who had a lot of character growth. The interactions she shares with the other characters help show Wren’s other traits. I can’t say anything more for fear of spoiling it for you guys.

Although Reboot is the first of the series, it does well as a stand alone novel as well.