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Enchanted - Alethea Kontis This review can also be found on my blog.
Unfortunately, I could not finish this novel. I believe that I do not fit in the to audience that Kontis was writing for. However I read enough of this novel to form my own opinions and issues with this novel.

I tried to force myself to finish the book to the best of my ability. Except that it was excruciating reading through it. Since reading should be a joy, forcing myself to read a book just takes away that meaning for me. It’s a shame that I couldn’t finish it. Especially since I was 2/3 in the book already.

Based on the writing style of the author and the material that it deals with, I can safely conclude that Enchanted is for 8-12 year olds. It’s simple yet charming. An interesting retelling of the fairy tale, The Frog and the Princess or otherwise known as The Frog-Prince. But it’s not just any silly old retelling, there are a few twists to the story that could surprise you.

I thought it was really cute how Kontis would reference different fairy tales in her novel as well. Such as; The Red Shoes and Princess and the Pea, just to name a few. If I was 12 then maybe I would have enjoyed it more.

I do realize that Enchanted is a young adult novel. But I really do feel that it is suited more for children. It’s interesting how the author made Sunday’s sisters more interesting than Sunday herself. Enchanted is the first of the series, and the second book stars Saturday, Sunday’s much more interesting sister. Maybe I’ll try to give that book a try. Hopefully it’s better written than Enchanted was.