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Poison Study

Poison Study - Maria V. Snyder Poison Study is one of my favourite books, so this review might sound bias to you.

The cover of the book is beautiful. I love the design of it. I used to stare at it for a long time, but I must say that I do like the hardcover version of the cover more.

Poison Study has an great plot to it. I haven't found anything quite like it, nor will anything else compare to this. It could possibly be because the characters are well developed, and amazing. Or it could be because the poison tasting seemed researched and it reflected that in the story.

The author does her best to capture the reader's attention at the beginning of the novel and it worked. For me, at least. Yelena had a deep backstory that made her a puzzle for the reader to figure out. Valek was a dynamic character. He had a bunch of character traits that made him interesting. Actually, I liked many of the characters in Poison Study. They had unique quirks to them that made me smile when I read.

The magic system in Poison Study was unique and creative. I like how the author chose to define how magic worked in her world. The fight scenes were smooth. Each blow and block easily flowed through my imagination like a river. I didn't have to strain to imagine how the scene would play out. The author guided me to it; however, the writing in Poison Study is bland.

It's simple and dry. I could skim paragraphs and still get what the author was trying to convey. The writing holds long enough to enjoy the first couple of read through, but anything more and I kind of get bored of the long descriptions and end up skimming through them. This was also an issue with Touch of Power.

Overall, Poison Study is still going to be my favourite novel, not because the writing is amazing, but because the plot and the characters are amazing.