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Unhinged - A.G. Howard The fact that I don't remember actually finishing this book means a lot. Luckily I have some notes from my book journal to help me write up this review.

Allysa's voice gets boring. There's barely any excitement from her or the plot itself. Some of the scenes were just written poorly. They're confusing and just poorly executed.

Unhinged is hard to get in to. The only thing that apparently got me through the book was the plot, but surprise, I don't even remember the plot anymore. Frankly, I stopped caring for this series. Why?

It has a love triangle. A love triangle!! UGH. You have no idea how many times I got annoyed at reading Allysa's conflicted thoughts between the two boys. Seriously, can we move on from these love triangles already? Especially the ones in Unhinged, they add nothing to the story or the characters at all. It's just some fluff Howard added to appeal more to the female readers.

After I finally finished the book, I realized that the plot was just bland. I had higher expectations and Howard had let me down. Just thoroughly disappointed with this series.

Allysa is just a very weak character overall. Until, the author decides to give her awesome plot armor and makes her stronger. Still doesn't make me feel anything for Allysa.